Saturday, July 3, 2010

Here I go..

There ought to be a heavy trigger for my lazy bones to get up and do what it's meant to do:) Here I am, succumbing to many a triggers in the past few weeks. They make you sad, happy, and all those things that get you THINKING. So, I thought. And while I was thinking, I came across a very nice write up in TOI ( tells a lot about what we are and what we become, and why we become what we become.

Leaving behind all trivial and not-so-trivial thoughts, the one that dominated me was the will to fulfill my mother's wish and not sit upon it (or rather ignore) as I would do to many of my feelings and actions.

I sing and she wanted me to sing everyday. I forget so she wanted me to maintain a neat, neat, very neat (not my cup of tea!) diary of songs. All cataloged beautifully. I might get despaired but she hopes, unquestionably. So what do you do to someone who just doesn't give up:) I should say who doesn't give up in adversities, as most of us surrounding her are forever questioning/challenging the optimist in her.

And the list is endless, the desire; unflinching. I cannot help but give up. I try and sing more than before. The diary is still an unrealized mission. A bit unrealistic for someone like me who enjoys this whole act of finding a new order everyday for a chaotic mind.

Mother's latest for me is to try and reach my music out to people..not that I don't want. I have been on track on this one (maybe not to her fulfillment) but for a blog. So, here I am with a song that has changed my life in many ways. I recorded this on Apr 5, 2009 and wrote a month before that. More about it later..for now, play on..